About VCF Europa

To give you an idea what to expect of Vintage Computer Festivals (both in Europe and North America), here is a selection of links and impressions of previous events:

Wikipedia on Vintage Computer Festival - German version Wikipedia on Vintage Computer Festival - English version

Other upcoming festivals worldwide


What a VCF looks like

What the VCFe Switzerland will look like

In 2016, the VCFe Switzerland moved to a new location in Zurich. The Rote Fabrik cultural center gives us plenty of space for exhibits, but also an on-site restaurant, drinks foyer, comfy relax corner (important) and presentation room. Here is the main layout (click to zoom in). As time progresses, we will add exhibit tables to the map with more detail.

Update: We have moved to the larger “Aktionshalle” so the below map is no more valid.