Exhibitor Registration

We very much invite you to take an exhibit table to show your favorite vintage computing project! This is what a VCFe is all about. Get a table, show your stuff.

Just send an email to info@vcfe.ch with a quick description of your idea for a exhibit table, and we'll be in touch!


  • All exhibits must have a theme, kind of. Exhibitors tend to get creative with their themes. For example, your exhibit could focus on a single computer, a piece of software, a whole category of hardware/software, BBS, modern hack, timeline, etc. … be as creative as you want! What is not appreciated is a disjointed display of random artifacts.
  • At least the majority of artifacts in your display must be up-and-working. Although exceptions can be made for “museum pieces” where that's not feasible.
  • Try to stay at your exhibit. Unattended exhibits are boring. You can bring a helper, friend, etc., allowing you to free yourself from your exhibit. However, you´ll find the show to be VERY busy all day long. We strongly encourage you to bring snacks (although lunch will be for sale) and be prepared to stay at your booth greeting visitors for long periods at a time. Of course, we provide chairs.
  • Vintage computing is a broad subject to define. But as a general rule, special systems must be at least 10 years old, more mainstream computers a lot more than that to fit the topic.

Additional points:

  • Tables are free. We want you to join in, you see.
  • As an exhibitor, you do not need to buy a Saturday/Sunday admission ticket. We want you to join in, you see.
  • Most tables are 1 by 2 metres. If you need anything special, all reasonable exhibit needs will be met. We want you to join in, you see.
  • We encourage all exhibitors to also bring relevant posters, signs, etc. We want others to understand your exhibit, you see.

Please direct any questions to info@vcfe.ch