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 [[http://​vcfed.org/​wp/​festivals/​|Other upcoming festivals worldwide]] [[http://​vcfed.org/​wp/​festivals/​|Other upcoming festivals worldwide]]
- +{{:vcfech2016_imgp1417_1024.jpg?​nolink&​600|} 
-{{ :playground:​vcfvm_kyle_wide.jpg?​nolink&​600|}}===== What a VCF looks like =====+}===== What a VCF looks like =====
 [[http://​obsolescenceguaranteed.blogspot.ch/​2015/​05/​vcf-europa-in-munich.html|VCF Europa, Munich 2015]]\\ [[http://​obsolescenceguaranteed.blogspot.ch/​2015/​05/​vcf-europa-in-munich.html|VCF Europa, Munich 2015]]\\