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Activities 2017

Held in parallel with the exhibition

Repair Corner

Where we all try to heal old computers, or kill them trying to. Bring your own patients if you dare.


A VCF Europe tradition

Flea Market

Bring your stuff and take home something else.

C64 Lightpen Workshop

Build your own lightpen for the Commodore 64 (and maybe other computers)! Organized by GaudiLabs.

Soldering Workshops

Make a Fr.15 KIM-1 replica based on Arduino

revamp-it - warehouse sightseeing Sa. 13.45 / So. 12.45

revamp-it open their doors for the participants of VCFE.CH and invite you to see their 500m2 warehouse with many different personal computers, servers, laptops and printers of last century 80s and 90s.

Please register here:

The Saturday Night Retroparty

Saturday 18:00-23:00, after the end of the day's exhibition and presentation sessions, we continue informally. Why not? Spaghetti is available, as are drinks and music so we might as well keep on going

Chiptunes from the SID Chip

Food & Drink from the Rote Fabrik

A Night At The Museum